Pay As You Go Snow Removal

The major Problem With Snow Removal and How We Solved It

        I love my home, where I was born and raised: Ottawa. The Nation's capital. That's why, after I've witnessed - both first-hand and second-hand how mind crushingly difficult snow removal service industry can be.  The risk clients face each snowy season shouldn't be a worry in their hearts, while they're trying to enjoy their holiday season, and shopping. And that's why I've created this service: For you, the people of Ottawa, whom I love with all my heart.


Let these words be heard: There is the least amount of risk for you, the client, with your selection of Pay As You Go Snow Removal this winter.

While many other snow clearing services may view snow removal as a quick cash grab, nothing more nothing less. I view it as an opportunity, and a privilege to gain experience as a business owner and take the money at the end of a hopefully successful Winter and upgrade next winter with the same process. My mission this winter is to provide a budget friendly, company for which others can safely entrust their winter snow removal unto.


you pay per  snowfall in a contract. for a flat fee, $50 per snow fall. paid via debit or credit through an invoice sent to your email. provided with a receipt. If, for any reason you don't like our work, you may call our business number and we will come to service you again before you pay. And the correction will be applied going forward in the season. this is how we plan to maintain 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, or your money back.


if you prefer a seasonal contract with a flat rate per season,  we have this option available as well. we would have to make sure we have our bases covered - remember, we want to ensure our client's ability to trust that we are reliable. For that reason, we would  round up the possible costs of snow removal and add a small fee, and work with you to create a no-interest payment system where you pay weekly or bi-weekl or monthly.


And the best part? Nothing is paid upfornt. $0 down locks you in.


As previously stated. Ottawa is my home first, and a client base second. I want to see my great neighbours enjoy a great holiday season. and if I get to do that by being Ottawa's top choice for snow removal, so be it. That's just secondary.


Ottawa has faced a number of hardships this last year. We don't need more people losing money to snow companies folding than is necessary. We need safe, reliable, and capable snow services.