Pay As You Go Snow Removal

What is important to us here at Pay As You Go Snow Removal is 100% transparent in our marketing and in our contract. Everyone should and does know exactly what will and won't happen, and what will happen if unlikely scenarios occur. Here, it is laid down before you get a even get a quote.



First let us calculate the breakdown of average costs associated per day for a snow plow company. a $700 contract for the season, which at 5cm in Ottawa usually entails a climate average of 8-11 snow days. so thats $70-120 per day. he goes to your property and does a couple parses before leaving. that's an expensive 5 minutes tops isn't it?! $80 per visit.



Now us, we charge $50 per visit. average of $500 per season. flat fee. single double or triple. we take care of the city snow plow mound, and can shovel your steps. for an addtitional $5, or a large staircase for $10, and carve our a pathway for $10 more.


Or, you can buy a $100 per month subscription, payable on the 15th of next month,  and each installment is just as unbeatably low as the last, and continue for as long into the winter as you so desire. Which is, as far as we know, for any successful, timely and propmpt, snow service, an unmatchable quote. 


5cm snow minimum, no snow maximum





Unbeatably LOW Prices of Installments From Downtown Ottawa's Most Cheap, Reliable And Luxurious Snow Removal Company:

What is covered by us, what we do when you sign up, is go to your home, snowblow your driveway, shovel your steps, and pathway and leave some pet friendly ice melter on it. then, we go on to the next, and come back around to clear the city snow plow pile.


We serve downtown Ottawa. Glebe, Byward Market, and Centertown


Our philosophy is that your financial safety and our reliability are of equal, ultimate importance for this to succeed. And it that notion central to our business model.


we accept monthly payments, wherein you may discontinue service with a week's notice. payment is due on the tenth of every month, beginning nov. 15, until march 15


While we do not carry liability insurance, we have our own forms of cheaper alternatives. First, is the knowledge that we will have your homes covered. If our snowblowers and shovel work don't do the trick (they should), our ice melter will. If somehow those don't (they will) we are just a phone call or email away from coming again, completely free of charge.