Pay As You Go Snow Removal

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Top 10 VIP pass holders get:


Exclusive driveway post signage to show off their bragging rights and ability to attain the pass. 


A team dedicated only to top 10 VIP pass members, insuring timely, dedicated, and precise performance.


3cm snow minimum. 

More visits than required. 

Ice melter laid down on smaller snow days to insure no  risk ever occurs when you are leaving your driveway, return trips as long as snow continues to fall, the owner of the company's top 10 exclusive phone to ever notify him of any problems so that it can be promptly handled if it were to occur (it hasn't yet, and is very unlikely to), option to keep VIP pass post for after season is complete

Ability to submit the design for your # of the top ten for next year if you are the creative type, and receive a copy of it may 1st next year free of charge.

Only read this if you never have to ask, "how much?"

If you have to ask, "How much?" About the cost. Don't bother  it's too much  really. 

So how are the owners of the VIP passes decided the bidding starts at $5000 for the season. And credit cards are not accepted for payment for bids. Buy it now prices are $15 000 and credit cards are accepted for these.