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Pay As You Go Snow Removal

First and foremost, it's a lot of work. People who sign with any snow company tend to be those who  don't want to be late for work when you wake up, certainly not in the case where you already slept in, and now have to spend a half hour shoveling snow just to show up to work now super late and sweaty. That's not a good look for just about anyone! 


with the money it costs for you own brand new snowblower, you could pay for 3 or 4 years' snow removal. why not save your wallet some stress?


Here is a morbid fun fact for you. Did you know, the heart attack rate rate rises 40% on Christmas eve day, also the snowiest day of the year? Is that a coincidence? 


if you're a middle-to-older-aged man, Sign up with a snow removal company... and it could save you your life. It's just a thought.

Why Sign with Any Snow Removal Company?

Why Sign With Us In Particular?

we offer clear transparency, in no uncertain terms, before you even call us for a quote. you know how much you'll pay, what we cover, and what we don't. we have a business hotline you can call if there is anything wrong, and we will respond and remedy the situation as soon as possible. We take care of city snow plow piles, have a no snow maximum policy, which means your quote won't double halfway through the winter - right when you need it most. which also tends to coincide around christmas time, when you wallet is hurting the most! Speaking of which, we offer a monthly subscription service, so you can afford it almost 100% regardless of your employment situation.

And last, but not least, we don't take payment upfront. we take payment the first time a full 10 days into our contract's starting point. By signing up with us in particular, you gain that security!


And finally, is our luxury offer. 4cm snow minimum optional add-on, no snow maximum, small sidewalk and walkway clearing all inclusive, for $145/ month. we will come and perform 50% more visits than any other Ottawa snow company. How awesome is that? we will get rid of your snow more often than any other snow company in the Ottawa region.